12 Epic Poke Bowl Combos

Exciting flavors to punch up your poke

12 Epic Poke Bowl Combos

Exciting flavors to punch up your poke

The Hawaiian fish dish is riding a gnarly wave of popularity, as more and more poke concepts are popping up across the country. It’s fresh, healthy, and flavorful—and we can’t get enough.

Traditionally, poke (pronounced poh-kay) is made of cubed raw fish marinated in soy sauce with salty seaweed and sweet onions over rice. In recent years, a slew of modern, island-inspired eateries have opened up, offering next-level interpretations of the classic dish with innovative ingredients and wild flavor pairings. Say “Aloha” to 12 spots serving up tasty, non-traditional poke bowl combos.

Pokéworks, multiple US locations

Top Chef alum and chef-owner of Maui’s Tin Roof restaurant, Sheldon Simeon, teamed up with Pokéworks to create a series of new signature bowls. Tapping into his Filipino roots, his delicious Coco Bora Bowl boasts your choice of fresh fish coated in coconut milk with refreshing coconut gel, spicy chilis, fresh ginger, cilantro, and red onions.

Wanderfish Poké, Seattle

Capitol Hill’s chef-driven poke spot serves creations inspired by the Pacific Northwest with sustainable seafood and locally-sourced ingredients. Don’t miss their refreshing Karma Bowl: tender scallops tossed with orange segments, pomegranate seeds, chili oil, shiso, salmon roe, and seaweed. ’Cause we all can use a little good karma.

PokéOno, Outside Philly, PA

Started by a longtime surfer, PokéOno brings the flavors of Hawaii to the Main Line, offering incredibly fresh fish and interesting enhancers like wasabi peas and citrus ponzu dressing. We’re a sucker for their tako (octopus) poke.

Okipoki, Los Angeles

This modern Asian fusion restaurant in DTLA serves sushi burritos and elevated poke bowls like the Truffle Trouble: a mound of cubed salmon, sliced mushrooms, avocado, shaved cucumbers, pickled shallots, and masago (fish roe) dressed in ginger scallion truffle sauce.

Pokéteria, New York City

Midtown Manhattan’s fast-casual shop offers fresh fish in burritos, build-your-own poke bowls, and tasty signatures like Fisher’s Nachos: a bed of tortilla chips loaded with housemade spicy tuna, crab and seaweed salads, green onions, masago, sriracha aioli, and sweet unagi sauce. Nacho typical poke.

Bonito Poké, San Fransicso 

This popular San Fran-based food truck rolls around the Bay Area dolling out fresh poke made from high-quality and organic ingredients. We’re feeling the beet of their vibrant veggie bowl: cubed red beets tossed with edamame, tofu, cucumber, wasabi peas, salsa verde, and ponzu over soba noodles.

FireFin Poké, Chicago

The Windy City’s fast-casual, customizable poke counter became so popular that it recently opened a third location in town. FireFin has all the Asian-inspired raw fish bowls you crave, but it was their new special (warm miso chicken with heirloom tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, and three signature sauces) that reeled us in.

Red Poke, New York City

Chef Brendan Yun’s grab-n-go midtown spot offers solid seafood poke, along with plenty of non-fish options including beef bulgogi, spicy pork, and vegetable-based bowls. The Hell’s Veggie, with earthy herbed mushrooms, hiziki seaweed, edamame, lotus root, and crispy garlic, is particularly standout.

Café No Sé, Austin TX

One of Austin’s coolest hotels has a lively all-day restaurant with an exceptional Big Eye Tuna Poké Bowl. Tuna may be the most basic poke protein, but large Cerignola olives, pickled jalapeño slices, grapefruit segments, and pistachios create a killer combo. Guests can also order this bowl through room service, so they can poke in private.

Shaka Bowl, Hoboken, NJ

Opened by a dynamic sister duo who used to live in Hawaii, Shaka Bowl is bringing big island flavor to North Jersey. You can create your own poke bowls from a selection of super fresh ingredients (like this sweet ’n’ spicy combo of marinated shrimp, ripe mango, pineapple, avocado, jalapeños, and scallions) over a base of grains, greens, or “zoodles” (zucchini noodles).

Sweetfin, Santa Monica, CA

This California-inspired poke cafe creates vibrant bowls bursting with local flavors and farm-fresh ingredients. Their rotating Farmer’s Market specials include this stunner made from delicate, sweet blue crab with Albacore tuna, housemade heirloom tomato ponzu, avocado, pickled ginger, nori, and serrano chilis.

Chikarashi, New York City

Chikarashi brings a contemporary twist to Hawaiian poke by infusing Japanese, Korean, and Chinese flavors into their dishes. Heat seekers can fire up their taste buds with the spicy Sichuan Chili Bowl made from chunks of marinated Scottish salmon with sichuan-sansho mayo, furikake, kuri squash, shoyu daikon, and katsuo tuna panko. This poke is lit.


Any epic flavor combos at your favorite poke spot? Drop us a line at editor@foodgod.com — we’d love to hear about it.