13 Crazy-Cool Rolled Ice Cream Creations

You'll scream for these next level treats

13 Crazy-Cool Rolled Ice Cream Creations

You'll scream for these next level treats

There’s a solid chance you’ve seen a viral video of rolled ice cream being made: a liquid dairy base and mixed ingredients are spread thin onto a frozen metal plate, then chopped up and rolled into a cup, cone, or waffle taco. It’s downright mesmerizing.

Originally a popular street food snack in Thailand, this frozen confection has become America’s hottest (or coolest) ice cream trend in recent years. Now, creative vendors are rolling out new ways to enjoy the tasty treat—with wild toppings, innovative flavors, and over-the-top presentations. Here are 13 sweet shops that are taking the rolled ice cream craze to the next level of awesomeness:

Sweet Cup, Orange County, CA

Move over, Choco Taco. This Cali shop is dominating the ’gram with its brightly colored waffle shells filled with inventive flavors (think matcha and charcoal black coconut) and toppings including fortune cookies, rainbow sour straws, and even edible gold.

I-CE-NY, multiple US locations

With more than 250 locations across Asia, I-CE-NY has recently exploded Stateside with its fun base flavors and mouthwatering mix-ins. This cereal-ly good sweet cream ice cream is mixed with Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes, and Fruity Pebbles.

Blossom Ice Cream, Brooklyn

This charming Court Street creamery rolls out the highest quality ingredients for their made-to-order creations. And in true Brooklyn fashion, they also offer soy-based, vegan flavors like this fragrant rose ice cream served in a waffle bowl.

Rollin’ Creamery, Fountain Valley, CA

Orange Country’s first rolled ice cream shop serves signature combinations inspired by all your favorite candy bars and Girl Scout cookies, as well as special holiday flavors like the sweet ’n’ spicy Mango Chamoy released on Cinco de Mayo.

Rollies, Marysville, OH

Ohio’s rolled ice cream and boba tea cafe offers build-your-own rollies with whipped cream and flavored drizzles, along with Taco Tuesday specials like this bright blue masterpiece channeling Cookie Monster.

Dahlicious Creamery, Torrance, CA

Set to open on July 1st, Dahlicious Creamery is teasing customers on social media with all the trendy offerings: edible cookie dough, rolled ice cream tacos, and galaxy-inspired cups with rock candy sticks and glitter stars. Some next level rollin’ right here.

Rolled Ice Cream, Las Vegas

Nothing screams summer quite like s’mores. The first rolled ice cream spot on the Strip boasts a range of tempting flavors, but the odds are in your favor with this surefire combo: toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and Hershey’s chocolate.

I-CE-NY Philadelphia

Philly’s I-CE-NY location is honoring Philippines Independence Day with June’s flavor of the month: a beautifully bright purple ube-sweet cream base rolled with ube jam and topped with ube wafers, fresh mangoes, whipped cream, coconut flakes, and coconut milk drizzle. Ube-tter believe it rocks.

10Below Ice Cream, New York City

NYC’s first hand-rolled ice creamery is constantly churning out exciting new flavors and offerings. Here, rolled ice cream takes a trip to the dark side with this pitch black charcoal and rosemary (#blackrose) taco.

Iceberg, St. Petersburg, FL

Iceberg takes three edible trends—rolled ice cream, rainbows, and cotton candy—to create the ultimate colorful confection. They top multi-hued cotton candy ice cream with a spun sugar puff and rainbow sour straw. If only there was a pot of gold, too.

Sweet Tooth Ice Cream, Calgary, Canada

North of the border goes loco for rolls, too. Calgary’s premier rolled ice cream store features specialty flavors like Peaches be LOCO: coconut ice cream chopped with fresh peaches and mango purée, topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut, vanilla cream cookies, and a macaron.

Seventh Heaven, Philadelphia

This sweet shop in Rittenhouse Square has a menu of fun featured flavors—like coconut-y Hawaiian Dream and chocolate-hazelnut Ferrero Rocher—or you can get creative and build your own. You can even order your roll sandwiched between between two slices of buttery pound cake.

Juicy Spot Cafe, NYC and Boston

At Juicy Spot Cafe, expect endless flavor possibilities and oh-so tempting toppings like cinnamon-sugar churros, Nutella, and dragon fruit. There’s also giant, customizable ice cream cakes available on special order. Roll in with this baby to be life of any party.


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