10 Astonishing Gold-Infused Food and Drinks

The sparkling trend that’s sweeping the food scene: edible gold

10 Astonishing Gold-Infused Food and Drinks

The sparkling trend that’s sweeping the food scene: edible gold

We’ve seen more blingy, gold-encrusted dishes and drinks than ever before on menus around the world. Here are ten of our favorite—and most extravagant—edible finds made with real gold.

Golden Cristal Donut, $100

Brooklyn’s Manila Social Club is taking the over-the-top doughnut trend to the next level with their flashy treat that’s house-made from ube (a naturally purple sweet yam) mousse and Cristal Champagne jelly, coated in Cristal-infused icing, and gilded with shiny 24-karat gold leaf. Foodgod’s reaction says it all: this decadent doughnut is worth the dough.

High Roller Roll, $250

Roll in like a VIP when you order this off-menu masterpiece at Suhi Roku. This baller roll features plenty of extravagant ingredients—Wagyu Kobe beef, lobster tail, Osetra golden caviar, bluefin tuna, and truffle oil—and is decorated with 24-karat edible gold leaf. Some say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but this is one Sin City secret worth bragging about.

24K Pizza, $2,000

There’s no shortage of amazing pizza in New York City, but Industry Kitchen’s ultra-opulent pie is a slice above the rest. The wood-fired ’za is topped with luxurious ingredients from around the world including Stilton cheese, foie gras, Osetra caviar, truffle shavings, and sparkling 24-karat gold leaves. Bonus: 10% of sales from each pizza sold is given to City Harvest.

$25,000 Taco

In Mexico, tacos are a typically inexpensive street food staple. Yet new luxury resort Grand Velas Los Cabos has created the world’s most expensive version. Premium ingredients (including Beluga caviar, Kobe beef, langoustine, and black truffle Brie cheese) are layered in a gold flake-infused tortilla and finished with even more gold flakes. Taco ’bout a crazy way to spend 25 Gs.

Gold Jamón, €80 minimum spend

Heart resto-nightclub in Ibiza, Spain, is known for wild entertainment, live performances, and outrageous presentations. Here, food-meets-fantasy dishes include fresh oysters served out of a bathtub (with a live mermaid in it) and a giant, golden Spanish jamón leg. Celebrities and visitors from all over are going ham for this salted meat showstopper: it’s pure Instagram gold.

Gold Topped Gelato, starting at $8

The O.C.’s new TAP Gelato is tapping into the edible gold trend with a shimmering selection of frozen treats. Favorites include creamy gelato dipped in Nutella and covered with a sheet of 24-karat gold, and gelato rolled in your toppings of choice (think crushed pistachios and Frosted Flakes) and garnished with gold flake-dusted cookies.


Diamond and Gold Lasagna, $100

One of the most luxe dishes on the Las Vegas Strip hails from Michael LaPlaca’s Portofino. Their December special is far from your nonna’s lasagna. We’re talking luscious layers of pasta stuffed with Kobe beef, prosciutto di Parma, Iberico ham, foie gras, and the best Italian cheese—all topped with White Diamond truffles (shaved tableside) and glittering 23-karat gold leaf. Mamma mia!

Golden Cappuccino, $20

Now you can get your caffeine fix with a side of glitz. The Armani Hotel—located in the world’s tallest tower in Dubai—brews the ultimate cup o’ luxury: their signature cappuccino coated with a layer of real 23-karat gold flakes. Made from blended Arabica coffee beans and served with dark chocolate, this dazzling drink is offered in the hotel’s lobby lounge daily from 3pm-6pm.

Le Burger Extravagant, $295

New York City’s Serendipity 3 serves one of the world’s most expensive burgers: Japanese Waygu beef with shaved black truffles, cave-aged cheddar, smoked sea salt, and a quail egg on a white truffle-buttered roll topped with golden flakes and Kaluga caviar. The real price kicker? A diamond-encrusted, solid gold toothpick holding it all together.

The Victoria Sundae, $1,000

Taking the crown as Chicago’s most opulent dessert, Pavilion’s boozy sundae boasts four varieties of premium ice cream, 24-karat gold dust, Hennessy VSOP cognac, and a boatload of toppings—served with a handcrafted 24-karat edible gold-leafed chocolate crown and a bottle of 2003 Dom Pérignon. Cheers to dessert decadence!


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