These creations take the cake

These creations take the cake

While other dessert trends have come and gone, cake is a timeless treat that keeps getting better and better. While creative flavors have elevated many a baker’s cake game, creating a beautiful cake is a true art form, and one that’s got Instagram buzzing.

In honor of National Cake Day on November 26, we’ve rounded up some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful cakes from around the world. These sugary works of art are so gorgeous that it seems a shame to cut into them—well, almost:

Fast Food Cake

Marlene’s Bakeshop, Palmdale, CA

Fast food cake

If you’ve ever found yourself craving both cake and fast food simultaneously, Marlene’s Bakeshop has got you covered. This California bakery’s junk food-inspired cake combines fondant-crafted Starbucks, ice cream, fried chicken, Takis, pizza bites, hot dogs, cookies, and candy for a culinary tour de force.

Geode Cake

Edda’s Cake Designs, Miami, FL

Geode cake

Anyone who says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously hasn’t seen a geode cake. With a sugary center that resembles sapphires, this gilded cake from Edda’s Cake Designs in Miami is every bit as much of a sparkling showstopper as real gems.

Flower Cake

Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, New York, NY

Floral Cake

Flowers are always a welcome gift, but never more so when they’re made out of sugar. Fortunately, world-renowned cake decorator Ron Ben-Israel has heard that message loud and clear, creating a tiered purple cake interspersed with flowers that’s as pretty as any bouquet we’ve ever seen.

Americana Quilt Cake

AK Cake Design, Portland, Oregon

Americana Quilt Cake

Eating a great piece of cake is like cuddling up in a big, cozy blanket. Sometimes, your cake might even look like one. That’s exactly what Portland-based cake artist Allison Kelleher has accomplished with her Americana quilt cake, a red, white, and blue stunner that would make anyone proud to be an American.

Gold Candy Cake

Sweet Revenge Bakery, San Diego, CA

Gold candy cake

Combining an Art Deco-inspired color scheme and an amount of sugar so massive it would make your dentist faint, this gilded cake from Sweet Revenge Bakery in San Diego is both luxe and luscious. Fortunately, for those with a sweet tooth, that’s edible gold adorning those cookies and pieces of candy, so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Winter Birch Tree Cake

Cake Girls, Chicago, IL

Winter birch cake

The winter’s chill is well worth it when you consider that it’s also the season that inspired Cake Girls’ winter birch cake. Surrounded with white chocolate bark and topped with chocolate frosting, this winter wonderland is as much a pleasure for your eyes as it is for your taste buds.

Bird Cage Cake

Holly Andrews Cakes, London, UK

Bird Cage Cake

Dripping in edible gold paint, gems, and fondant details, this cake from Holly Andrews Cakes is one cage we wouldn’t mind being cooped up in. Taking even a single bite of such a piece of art would have us grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Dragon Egg Cakes

Artzy Custom Cakes, Oakton, VA

Dragon egg cake

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the most powerful person in Westeros, eating some dragon eggs is a good place to start. These beautiful Game of Thrones-inspired cakes from Artzy Custom Cakes in Virginia are truly fit for a Khaleesi.

Sugar Paradise

Bryson Perkins, Bedford, NH

Paradise cake

We’re pretty sure paradise looks just the way cake artist Bryson Perkins imagines it: loaded with sugar. This cake is a veritable wonderland of sweets, outfitted with sugar waterfalls, edible vegetation, and one rogue donkey we wouldn’t mind taking a bite of.

Octopus Cake

Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art, Denver, CO

Octopus Cake

While seafood and sweets are rarely a fit pairing, the octopus cake from the Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art is a rare exception to that rule. This eight-legged edible creature crouches over a plate of candy sushi, looking equal parts menacing and mouthwatering.

Haunted House Cake

Nine Cakes, Brooklyn, NY

Haunted house cake

Who says that spooky and sweet have to be mutually exclusive? The haunted house cake from Brooklyn’s Nine Cakes is one terrifying treat, but certainly not so scary that we’d say say no to a slice.

Ranch Cake

The Cakabakery, Grand Rapids, MI

Ranch and vegetable cake

Ranch dressing and cake are among the two most beloved foods in the world, and one genius has found a way to combine them. While ranch-flavored icing is unlikely to become a hit, the ranch cake from The Cakabakery in Grand Rapids has melded these two food favorites into one beautiful mess of a masterpiece. Hey, at least you can say you ate your greens.

Typewriter Cake

Charm City Cakes West, Los Angeles, CA

Typewriter Cake

Charm City Cakes has been cranking out some of the world’s most creative confections for years, but this typewriter, well, takes the cake. This millennial pink edible typewriter, yarn, and crumpled paper are certainly worth writing home about.

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