Crazy 'wiches from coast to coast

Crazy 'wiches from coast to coast

To some people, anything between two pieces of bread is a sandwich, be it a hamburger, hot dog, or turkey club. However, to those with a little bit more imagination, a sandwich is more art form than meal—and it’s a medium to be taken seriously.

In honor of National Sandwich Day, we’ve rounded up the biggest, baddest, most gut-busting sandwiches from each of the 50 states. Feast your eyes on these super-sized sammies:

The Niffasaurus Burger

Niffer’s Place, Auburn, Alabama

Niffer's Place_photo via @the.sahd.cook

If you’ve ever wanted to see how close you could come to unhinging your jaw to eat a sandwich, head over to Niffer’s Place for the Niffasaurus. Made up of four 8-ounce beef patties topped with pepper jack, Swiss, and cheddar cheese, in addition to a stack of salty bacon and a fried egg, this mammoth burger is not for the faint of heart.

The Sewards Folly

The West Rib Pub & Grill, Talkeetna, Alaska

West Rib Pub_photo via john_z_zeydel

Alaska’s brisk temperature must have been the inspiration for the hibernation-inducing mountain of meat they call the Sewards Folly. Served up at The West Rib Pub & Grill in Talkeetna, this oversized sandwich packs two full pounds of caribou meat, half a pound of smoked ham, 12 strips of bacon, six ounces of Swiss, and six ounces of American cheese. Still hungry? You’re in luck: this incredible food feat is accompanied by a full pound of fries. While, at $56 dollars, it’s a poor choice for penny-pinchers, at least you’ll get a free t-shirt if you finish the whole meal.

Red Flag Burger Challenge

Bad Dog’s Bar & Grill, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Photo via Bad Dog’s Bar & Grill Facebook

Put on your stretchy pants and pray your stomach is as big as your eyes, because feasting on the Red Flag Burger Challenge at Bad Dogs Bar & Grill is a major feat. To complete this challenge (and get the burger for free), you’ll have to chow down on six half-pound hamburger patties interspersed with six slices of cheese, three layers of fries, three layers of onion rings, three dollops of Thousand Island dressing, three layers of lettuce, two layers of tomatoes, and a pickle to top things off. Did we mention there’s a 20-minute time limit?

The Giant Cheeseburger

Ed Walker’s Drive-In, Fort Smith, Arkansas 

Ed Walker's_photo via @catherinegray76

Burger lovers, you’re in luck: Ed Walker’s Drive-In in Fort Smith serves up the state’s biggest one. Weighing in at a staggering five pounds, this bulging burger is so big that it not only needs a specially-made bun, but also requires a serving platter to hold its girth.

The Big Fat Fatty

Fat Sal’s, Los Angeles, California

Fat Sal's_photo via @foodbeast

While the phrase “Los Angeles food” generally conjures images of kale smoothies, foods served in atomizers , and other eats highlighted in the GOOP newsletter, the city’s famed Fat Sal’s restaurant is hardly for the weight-conscious. This eatery’s Big Fat Fatty is the most colossal of its offerings: a 27-inch garlic hero roll is topped with cheesesteak, cheeseburgers, pastrami, chicken fingers, bacon, fried mozzarella sticks, French fries, onion rings, fried eggs, chili, marinara sauce, and their special “fat sauce.” Eat it in under 40 minutes and this monstrous meal is free; the ambulance ride to Cedars-Sinai will still cost you, though.

The Barnyard Challenge

Georgia Boys BBQ, Frederick, Colorado

Georgia Boys BBQ_photo via @sid_the_chef

Size does matter—when it comes to burgers, that is. Guests at Colorado’s Georgia Boys BBQ can put their gastronomic prowess to the test with the Barnyard Challenge, a six-and-a-half-pound sandwich stuffed with turkey, brisket, pork, and wings, all slathered in a seriously spicy ghost pepper sauce. For those with big stomachs and small bank accounts, this sandwich is a dream: if you can push past the meat sweats and finish the thing, it’s free.

The Giant Pancake Sandwich

The Winsted Diner, Winsted, Connecticut

Photo via Winsted Diner Facebook

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it the biggest, too? At The Winsted Diner in Connecticut, you can kick off the morning with the Giant Pancake Sandwich, which stuffs two of the diner’s massive flapjacks with scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

Doomsday Burger

Deerfield Golf Club, Newark, Delaware

Photo via Deerfield Golf Club Facebook

What goes well with a few rounds of golf? How about the biggest burger you’ve ever laid eyes on? At Delaware’s Deerfield Golf Club, you can test the tensile strength of your stomach with the Doomsday Burger, an unholy marriage of sandwiches that stuffs a giant grilled cheese in between two 10-ounce burger patties. Think those extra pounds on the scale are your only prize? Those who demolish the whole thing get their name on a plaque and will be wheeled out to their car.

Six-Banger Challenge

Col. Mustard’s Phat Burgers, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Col Mustards Phat Burgers_photo via

Say sorry to your stomach, because the Six-Banger Challenge at Col. Mustard’s is not for delicate eaters. This behemoth burger contains three pounds of meat, cheese, peppers, and mushrooms, and will even earn you a spot on the wall if you gobble up the whole thing.

The Not-So-Easy Big Easy Challenge

Big Easy Grille, Atlanta, Georgia

Big Easy Grille_photo via The Fledgling's Gourmet

Not-so-easy is right: finding room in your stomach for this shockingly-large sandwich is no small feat. Weighing in at five pounds, this unbelievable po’boy at Big Easy Grille is topped with fried shrimp, lettuce, and tomatoes, and even comes with sides of rice and beans. Lord have mercy.

The Fish & Shrimp Po’boy

Dat Cajun Guy, Haleiwa, Hawaii

Dat Cajun Guy_photo via @papaleeks

They say you should never eat anything bigger than your head, but this decadent sandwich might just be the exception to that rule. Dat Cajun Guy food truck serves a pile of fried shrimp topped with chicken fingers on a massive hero roll to its patrons. While it’s dubbed the Fish & Shrimp Po’boy by the truck’s owner, customers call it enough food for a week.

The Johnny B Goode Burger

Rockies Diner, Boise, Idaho

Rockies Diner_photo via @randysantel

Throw out your skinny jeans and slip into something stretchy, because the Johnny B Goode Burger at Rockies Diner in Boise might just be your defeat. Weighing in at four-and-a-half pounds, this massive meal combines three hamburger patties, a hot dog, pastrami, Swiss and American cheeses, chili, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Cooters Sandwich

Big Mama’s BBQ, East St. Louis, Illinois

Big Mama's BBQ_photo via @tabbied65

For only $9.99, you can get a sandwich the size of a compact car at Big Mama’s BBQ in East St. Louis. The Cooters Sandwich combines two beef patties and pulled pork with a double helping of cheese fries, spicy sauce, and scallions.

The Breaded Pork Tenderloin

Mug N’ Bun, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mug N' Bun_photo via @aroundindy

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar along with your waistline, head over to Mug N’ Bun in Indianapolis. Famous for being the city’s oldest drive-in, this eatery serves a fried pork tenderloin sandwich the size of a dinner plate for just four bucks. Porking awesomeness.

The World Famous Adam Emmenecker

Jethro’s BBQ & Jambalaya, Des Moines, Iowa

Jethro’s BBQ & Jambalaya_photo via Only In Your State

Is it a sandwich? Is it a pile of meat? Is it even legal? At Jethro’s BBQ & Jambalaya, order the World Famous Adam Emmenecker and you’ll receive four buffalo chicken tenders, two beef patties, four strips of bacon, a pile of fried cheese cubes, pulled pork, Texas brisket, and a spicy pickle all doused in white cheddar sauce and served between two ends of a bun that barely manages to hold it all together.

The Ultimate Destroyer

Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas

Photo via Papa Bob's BBQ

At Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, guests can feast on the aptly-named Ultimate Destroyer, a 12-inch bun piled with eight ounces of pulled pork, eight ounces of sliced pork, a half-pound of hickory-smoked ham, a half-pound of hickory-smoked turkey, three eight-ounce hamburgers, a half-pound of brisket, a half-pound of sausage, and some sauce for good measure.

The Chorizo Burger

Mussel & Burger Bar, Louisville, Kentucky

Mussel & Burger_photo via

Order the Chorizo Burger at Mussel & Burger Bar in Louisville and you’ll be full for weeks to come. This sandwich tops chorizo, manchego, and Serrano ham with a pile of oven-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, crispy potatoes, and an ample helping of baby arugula for a burger so big it deserves its own zip code.


Central Grocery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Central Grocery_photo via @cntraveler

NOLA’s famed Central Grocery has one of the best and biggest muffulettas you’ll find anywhere. Locally-baked bread is topped with house-sliced meat and cheese—including mortadella, salami, mozzarella, capicola, bologna, and provolone—and a generous serving of Italian olive salad.

Lobster Rolls

Taste of Maine, Woolwich, Maine

Taste of Maine_photo via @gypsygen1116

Maine’s famed lobster rolls don’t get much bigger than the ones served at Taste of Maine in Woolwich. Despite the high price of lobster in most of the country, this family-run seafood spot isn’t afraid to overstuff their boat-like buns—they’re even said to have created the biggest lobster roll ever made.

Seafood UFO

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, Baltimore, Maryland

Jimmy's Famous Seafood_photo via @jimmysseafood

The Seafood UFO at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore isn’t kidding about being out of this world. This seven-pound sandwich combines crab cakes, fried oysters, fried shrimp, shrimp salad, lettuce, tomato, and mustard on a tire-sized bun. If you’re feeling brave, you can even add crab mac and cheese to the mix.

Veggie Grilled Cheese

Mike & Patty’s, Boston, Massachusetts

Mike & Patty's_photo via @mikeandpattys

Just because a sandwich is vegetarian-friendly doesn’t have to mean it’s less-than-hearty. Case in point: this mega-sandwich at Mike & Patty’s in Boston, which combines American and cheddar cheeses, maple squash, braised collard greens, and tomato jam on Iggy’s sourdough bread. Want an even bigger bite? You can top it with fried eggs and bacon, too.


Tony’s I-75, Birch Run, Michigan

Tony's I-75_photo via @achefandhiscorgi

Bacon lovers might just meet their match at Tony’s I-75 in Birch Run. This intimate eatery’s oversized BLT packs 20 strips of bacon onto two comparatively-puny pieces of toast—that’s a full pound of salty meat to go alongside your sprinkling of veggies.

Crawfish Po’Boy

Sea Salt Eatery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Make sure you’ve brought your appetite with you if find yourself in the Twin Cities. At Sea Salt Eatery in Minneapolis, order a Crawfish Po’Boy and you’ll be served a nearly-impossible-to-eat amount of fried seafood—not that the size has stopped customers from trying.

The Big Pork Sammy

Abe’s Bar-B-Q, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Grab your eating pants and prepare yourself for the meal of a lifetime at Abe’s Bar-B-Q in Clarksdale. This Mississippi legend layers pulled pork and coleslaw into a tower of smoky-sweet flavor that’s as mouthwatering as it is massive.

Epic Pork Tenderloin

Christine’s Firehouse, North Kansas City, Missouri

Christine's Firehouse_photo via @kscitysweetheart

The only things bigger than the Epic Pork Tenderloin at Christine’s Firehouse are the appetites of the people who try to conquer this meat monster. This dinner-plate-sized sandwich combines a hand-cut piece of fried pork tenderloin topped with horseradish, mayo, or honey sauce with a bed of curly fries propping up its massive weight.

The Drifter

Staggering Ox, Missoula, Montana

Staggering Ox_photo via @heelwillmahoney

If you’re big on bread, but meh about meat, The Drifter at Missoula’s Staggering Ox is the sandwich for you. This enormous meal is made up of turkey, salami, Monterey jack cheese, onions, lettuce, pepperoncinis, mushrooms, salsa, and special sauce inside a hollowed-out loaf of bread.

The Golden Nugget

Sin City Grill, Grand Island, Nebraska

Who said that fries have to be a side for your burger? At Sin City Grill, they’ll add them right on top. This massive burger is also drenched in nacho cheese and comes with some onion and tomato, so you can still say you’ve eaten your veggies, too.


Pop’s Philly Steaks, Las Vegas, Nevada

Pop's Philly Steaks_photo via @1.melissa

Everything is a little bit more decadent in Las Vegas, including the food. At Pop’s Philly Steaks, you can get a cheesesteak sandwich so big that anyone short of Kobayashi would have a hard time polishing it off.

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese Sandwich

Sandwich Master, Rindge, New Hampshire

Sandwich Master_photo via @bpt603

If you can’t choose between a sandwich and pasta, why not combine the two? That’s exactly what they’ve done at Sandwich Master in New Hampshire, creating a towering mountain of meat and carbs that’s so intimidating, only the bravest dare summit it.

Chubby Cubby

Crossroads Deli, Bergenfield, New Jersey

Crossroads Deli_photo via @crossroadsdeli

Sugar and spice, bread and butter, Ice-T and Coco; great pairings have a way of finding one another. The same goes for the dynamic duo of pulled pork and pasta, both of which are heaped on the Chubby Cubby at Crossroads Deli in Bergenfield, NJ. Did we mention this pasta is covered in a Cheetos-infused sauce? You’re welcome.


Slow Roasted Bocadillos, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bocadillos_photo via @zagat

Albuquerque’s Slow Roasted Bocadillos in  has taken the classic Reuben sandwich to new heights. Packed with tender pastrami and crunchy pickled cabbage and served on buttered rye, this oversized sandwich is a feast for all your senses.

Pastrami Sandwich

Katz’s Delicatessen, New York, New York

There’s a reason Meg Ryan got so… emotional at Katz’s in that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally: the sandwiches really are that good. For nearly 130 years, this classic deli has been serving up some of the best and biggest pastrami sandwiches you’ll find anywhere. Even if you arrived famished, don’t be surprised if you’re so full you need a doggy bag less than halfway through.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Bill Spoon’s Barbecue, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bill Spoon's BBQ_photo via @dinecarolina

While it’s most famous for its sweet tea, Bill Spoon’s Barbecue is no slouch when it comes to sandwiches, either. Piled high with succulent Carolina BBQ’d pulled pork and tangy coleslaw, these massive sandwiches are sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites.

Turbocharged Twin

Sickie’s Garage, Bismarck, North Dakota

“The more, the merrier” seems to be the motto at Sickie’s Garage in Bismarck. Their Turbocharged Twin sandwich exemplifies that philosophy, packing two cheeseburgers, two fried eggs, and four slices of bacon between bookends of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Monte Cristo

Melt Bar & Grilled, Beavercreek, Ohio

Melt Bar & Grilled_photo via @e_kelly1016

Combining sweet and savory ingredients, the Monte Cristo at Melt Bar & Grilled is as flavorful as it is filling. Piled high with honey ham, smoked turkey, and Swiss and American cheeses, battered and deep-fried until crisp, dusted with powdered sugar, and served alongside a dish of berry preserves, this is one decadent ‘wich you won’t soon forget.

Roast Beef Po’Boy

Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lassalle's NOLA_photo via @lassallesneworleansdeli

Big, beautiful, and brimming with beef, the Roast Beef Po’Boy at Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli is a mouthwatering feast. Served with just mayo and tomatoes on top, this massive sandwich lets the meat do the talking.

Pork Belly, Lettuce & Heirloom Tomato

The People’s Pig, Portland, Oregon

Trendy food tends to be served in small portions, but the opposite is true at Portland’s The People’s Pig. In fact, their riff on a classic BLT—made with pork belly, lettuce, and heirloom tomatoes—is so huge, you’ll have leftovers for days.


Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Primanti Bros_photo via @primantibros

Pittsburgh doesn’t mess around when it comes to their pastrami. At Primanti Bros, one of these legendary, sky-high sandwiches packs not only a tower of mouthwatering meat, but a generous helping of coleslaw, tomatoes, and French fries.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches, Providence, Rhode Island

Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches_photo via @sultanofsandwich

Rhode Island may be diminutive, but its sandwiches are anything but. At Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches in Providence, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is poultry powerhouse, packed with chicken, melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, blue cheese, and honey mustard.

Israeli Fried Chicken

Butcher and Bee, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston knows how to do fried chicken right. And Butcher and Bee is kickin’ things up a notch with their Israeli Fried Chicken. Served on a brioche roll with green harissa, lettuce, tomato, and lemon aioli, this is far from your typical bird.

Prime Rib Burger

Old Market Eatery, Brookings, South Dakota

Old Market Eatery_photo via @oldmarketbrookings

High and low ingredients blend seamlessly in the Prime Rib Burger at Old Market Eatery in Brookings. Combining a hill of prime rib with American cheese, avocado, onion rings, tomato, spinach, onion, and truffle mayonnaise, this Brobdingnagian burger is equal parts fancy and fun.

BBQ Pork Sandwich

Sloco, Nashville, Tennessee

Sloco_photo via @slocosammies

Big is beautiful at Sloco in Nashville. This creative shop is taking bread and beef where it’s never gone before with its take on the classic Primanti Bros. sandwich. Using locally sourced and organic ingredients—barbecued beef, tomato, scallions, vegetable slaw, and French fries between two thick slices of Italian bread—comfort food has never looked so good.

Brisket Banh Mi

Noble Sandwich Co., Austin, Texas

Noble Sandwich Co_photo via @noblesandwichco

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s certainly true when it comes to sandwiches. At Austin’s Noble Sandwich Co., the Brisket Banh Mi is an aircraft-carrier-sized sub topped with pecan-smoked brisket, cucumber, jalapeños, carrots, Napa cabbage, and cilantro—all topped with duck liver pâté and Sambal mayo. Can you say “yum?”

Machine Gun Sandwich

Bruges Waffles & Frites, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bruges_photo via @femalefoodie

Belgian fries-and-waffle shop, Bruges, is bringing out the big guns. Their Machine Gun sandwich features a freshly made baguette stuffed with crispy, twice dropped fries, spicy merguez sausage, and a hefty amount of creamy, tangy andalouse sauce. Gluttony in the best way possible.

Waterbury Patriot

Prohibition Pig, Waterbury, Vermont

Prohibition Pig_photo via @prohibitionpig

Brace yourself (and unbuckle your belt) if you’re headed to Waterbury’s Prohibition Pig. An oversized black pepper-crusted beef patty is topped with crumbled blue cheese, horseradish mayo, and red onion marmalade in this gut-busting burger.

The Reuben

Route 58 Deli, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Route 58 Deli_photo via @orderup_vb

If you’ve ever wondered what a bowling ball made of meat would look like, your question is easily answered with one glance at Route 58 Deli’s Reuben. This mile-high mound of pastrami, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut is so greasy, rich, and delicious, it might just be the most decadent ‘wich you’ll ever eat.

Porchetta Sandwich

Salumi, Seattle, Washington

Salumi_photo via @yukilovesfood

Salumi’s take on this Italian classic is nothing if not inspired. This family-owned spot stuffs a split ciabatta roll to the gills with pork belly, mayonnaise, onions, and a pickle for a satisfying meal you’ll be eager to come back for time and time again.

Dr. Franklinstein’s Monster

Atomic Grill, Morgantown, West Virginia

Atomic Grill_photo via @atomicgrill

All of your greasy and  fried favorites have found a home inside the Dr. Franklinstein’s Monster at Atomic Grill in Morgantown. Combining pork, French fries, French-fried onions, cheese sauce, and barbecue sauce, this is one monster meal you can’t miss.

The Big Cheese

Cousins Subs, Madison, Wisconsin

Cousins Subs_photo via @cousinssubs

A true dairy delight, The Big Cheese at Cousins Subs is full of big flavors. This hearty hero comes with your choice of grilled chicken or steak, which is then smothered in sautéed onions, bacon, and  a cheesy trifecta of Wisconsin cheddar, sharp cheese sauce, and fried cheese curds.

The Breakfast Sandwich

Local Butcher, Jackson, Wyoming

Local Butcher_photo via @localbutcherjh

Start your day off with a breakfast so big you won’t be hungry for a week at Local Butcher. This Jackson institution has made the breakfast sandwich to end all breakfast sandwiches, topping a massive sesame seed bun with a Haderlie Farms sausage breakfast burger, roasted tomatoes, a spinach frittata, American cheese, and some more sausage for good measure.

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