Dare to dig in?

Cooking is an art, and few years have seen the behind-the-scenes maestros get quite so creative as 2017. Chefs around the world have been pushing the envelope all year, creating food that’s equal parts delicious, decadent, and destined for social media glory.

Before you bid 2017 adieu, make it your mission to get a bite of these over-the-top eats. From pizza to pie, these crazy foods from 2017 definitely deserve a spot on your menu before your New Year’s resolutions kick in:

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

Chomp Eatery, Santa Monica, CA

Unicorn grilled cheese_photo via @chompeatery

While the unicorn trend was largely confined to sweet food, there was one exception to the rule: the Unicorn Grilled Cheese. At Chomp Eatery, this culinary feat stuffs two slices of bread with cheese bearing every color of the rainbow for a sandwich that’s an edible event from start to finish.

Sushi Pizza

Bruna Gastro Bar, Bogota, Colombia

Sushi pizza_photo via @tatan_cediel

Your favorite food just got a whole lot more interesting. At Bruna Gastro Bar in Bogota, Colombia, ordering some sushi pizza allows you to indulge those junk food cravings, load up on omega-3s, and have plenty of fodder for your followers to “ooh” and “aah” over.


Oggi Coffee, Charleroi, Belgium

Freakshake_photo via @pauline_drk

Chefs have been letting their freak flags fly this year. This is particularly true for the culinary whizzes at Oggi Coffee in Charleroi, Belgium, creators of the Freakshake. This unbelievably indulgent dessert combines a milkshake, cookies, candy, brownies, donuts, whipped cream, caramel corn, marshmallows, and virtually any other sweet you can imagine for a towering treat that you won’t find anywhere else.

Kick N’ Chicken Waffle Cone

Bruxie, San Diego, CA

Chicken waffle cone_photo via @sorrynosalad

Chicken and waffles aren’t exactly easy to eat on the go, but San Diego’s Bruxie is adamant about changing that. Enter: the Kick N’ Chicken Waffle Cone. This waffle cone is loaded with delicious bites of fried chicken, giving ice cream a serious run for its money.

Corn Dog Nachos

White Water Snacks, Anaheim, CA

Corn dog nachos_photo via @firstcomesdisney

If you’ve ever wondered how to make nachos more indulgent, you’re not alone. At White Water Snacks in Anaheim, corn dog nachos are here to solve your cheat day conundrum for you. This Disneyland destination tops a pile of mini corn dogs with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and guacamole, for a supersized savory treat that truly confirms Disney’s rep as the most magical place on earth.

Fried Chicken Donut

Curiosity Donuts, Stockton, CA

friedchickendonut_photo via @condimented

Sweet and savory come together in perfect harmony with the fried chicken donut from Curiosity Donuts in Stockton. An oversized donut is topped with pretzel-crusted fried chicken and cherry caramel pepper sauce for a sweet-and-salty meal that will have you satisfied for weeks.

Psycho Donut Special

Psycho Donuts, Santa Clarita, CA

Psycho Donut_photo via @bonappechubs

If your appetite tends to exceed the offerings at your local donut shop, head over to Psycho Donuts in Santa Clarita. Topped with everything from cereal to graham crackers (and with serving sizes as big as a small child), these donuts are well worth the trip.

The Marco Special

Burgled Burgers, Victoria, Australia

The Marco Special_photo via @burgledburgers

Bigger is definitely better at Burgled Burgers in Victoria, Australia. This Down Under burger joint is home to the Marco Special, a customizable burger that combines 15 burger patties, 30 slices of bacon, and 30 slices of cheese. It may be a heart attack on a plate, but at least you’ll die happy.

Unicorn Dreams Tacalato

Parlor Pizza Bar, Chicago, IL

Unicorn Dreams Tacalato_photo via @nyctreats

Parlor Pizza Bar in Chicago may be known for its pies, but it’s the Unicorn Dreams Tacalato that you’ll be coming back for time and time again. A waffle taco shell is dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, stuffed with ice cream, and topped with marshmallows, candy, and blue raspberry sauce for a dessert that’s definitely worth reinstating Taco Tuesday for.

Coney Waffle Sundae

Coney Waffle, Long Branch, NJ

Coney waffle sundae_photo via @coneywafflepiervillage

They may say to never eat anything bigger than your head, but you should definitely make an exception for the Coney Waffle Sundae. This sky-high dessert tops a milkshake with candy canes, an upside-down ice cream cone, sour candy, an oversized gummy bear, a lollipop, and a donut, and more, all stuck in a mountain of cotton candy. Tell that sweet tooth you’ll see its bluff.


David Burke Kitchen, New York, NY

Piecaken_photo via @thisgirlcaneat

We’ve all heard of turducken, but 2017 was the year piecaken finally got its due. This dessert, which stuffs cake with pie, has been perfected at New York City’s David Burke Kitchen. This dessert combines pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple upside down cake, creating a trio of fall flavors you’ll be happy to host year after year.

Polka Dot Mac and Cheese Pizza

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap, Chicago, IL

Polka dot mac and cheese pizza_photo via @mallorykorol

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which craving to indulge. Fortunately, at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago, all of your junk food desires have found a home in the polka dot mac and cheese pizza. This decadent dish tops a pizza with macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, satisfying any salt or carb cravings you’ll ever have.

Mutant Milkshake

Ice Cream Riot, Denver, CO

Mutant milkshake_photo via @tastetoronto

Who says that breakfast and dessert have to be separate meals? Certainly not the staff at Denver’s Ice Cream Riot. This inventive ice cream shop not only has the most creative flavors in town, it also makes their ice cream sandwiches with Pop-Tarts. See? Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

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