Take happy hour to new heights

Take happy hour to new heights

Fancy a (fancy) drink?

Sometimes, a glass of wine or frosty beer does the trick. But for those occasions when you’re feeling extra fancy, a simple sipper just won’t cut it. Fortunately, we’ve seen an upswing of inventive mixologists taking their craft to the next level and creating crazy works of art with alcohol.

Before you order another meh margarita, check out these outrageous cocktails from around the globe. Bottoms up!

Let’s Go Nuts

Hotel Arts, Barcelona

Let's Go Nuts cocktail

Mixologist Diego Baud takes craft cocktails to new heights at Hotel Arts Barcelona. Baud is behind the fall flavors of the Let’s Go Nuts, a combination of brandy, chocolate orange bitters, chestnut simple syrup, egg, and grated nutmeg. To accompany this stylish drink, guests are also served a sage-smoked roasted chestnut artfully contained in a bell jar.

Cotton Candy Martini

Latitude Lounge, San Diego, CA

Cotton candy martini

If you’ve ever been torn between drinks and dessert, Latitude Lounge in San Diego has got you covered. Their Cotton Candy Martini combines raspberry, cherry, and blueberry vodkas, white cranberry and lime juices, blue curaçao, sugar-free Red Bull, and puff of cotton candy on top.

Molecular Infusion

Nottingham Forest, Milan, Italy

Molecular infusion cocktail

Sip like a scientist with one of Nottingham Forest’s cutting-edge cocktails. At this unique Milan bar, patrons can get acquainted with molecular cocktails by trying the Molecular Infusion, a combination of flavored gourmet vodka, ginger beer, and absinthe molecules served in a beaker.

Duck Fat Old-Fashioned

Old Bengal Bar, London

Duck fat old fashioned

We’ve all heard of toast as a hangover cure, but toast in a cocktail is a new one. At Old Bengal Bar in London, their duck-fat-infused whiskey blends perfectly with bitters and sugar to create a rich Old Fashioned. As the piece de resistance, the drink is topped with bread, creating a true carb-lover’s dream.

Bugs Bunny

Rixos Premium Belek, Antalya, Turkey

Bugs bunny cocktail

If you feel like you’re not eating enough veggies, you can always do the next best thing: drink them. At Rixos Premium Belek in Antalya, Turkey, the Bugs Bunny combines gin, plum wine, lime juice, egg whites, and fresh carrot juice with a singed lemon peel on the side for a colorful cocktail that’s not so harebrained after all.

Curaçao Caviar

Molecular Fusion, Attard, Malta

Blue curacao caviar

Instead of drinking your cocktails, why not eat them? That’s exactly what you can do with the curaçao caviar served at Molecular Fusion in Malta. These bright blue bubbles are nearly as fun to look at as they are to consume. Rest azured, this is one drink worth ordering.

Toddy Santo

E. Smith Mercantile, Seattle, WA

Toddy Santo

This non-traditional take on a Hot Toddy couldn’t be a better companion for a chilly evening. Palo santo-infused bourbon, honey, a clove-studded lemon slice, and smoked wood topper turn this cocktail from E. Smith Mercantile into a true a true mixology masterpiece.

Dragon’s Blood

Deja Vu, Hereford, UK

Dragon's blood cocktail

If your cocktail doesn’t glitter or smoke, is it even worth drinking? Fortunately, guests at Deja Vu in Hereford will never be faced with that conundrum, thanks to the Dragon’s Blood. This beautiful beverage mixes dragon fruit, strawberry shrub, and vodka, making for one monstrous cocktail you just can’t miss.

Roasted Cranberry and Sage Breck Bourbon Smash

Breckenridge Distillery, Breckenridge, CO

Roasted Cranberry and Sage Cocktail

Fall flavors combine to create something magical in this cocktail from Breckenridge Distillery. Melding roasted cranberries, sage, blood orange juice, and bourbon, this elegant-looking cocktail is as delightful to look at as it is to drink.

Honey Popcorn Cocktail

Abay Restaurant, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Honey popcorn cocktail

Bar snacks and booze have banded together to create one awe-inspiring cocktail at Abay Restaurant. This Kazakh watering hole combines birch sap, honey syrup, lemon juice, egg white, and bourbon-infused popcorn for a drink that’s truly the bee’s knees.

Baked & Boiled

Roman Rabik, Zagreb, Croatia

Baked & Boiled Cocktail

They say presentation is everything in the world of food and drink, and it’s clear that mixologist Roman Rabik takes the aesthetics of his beverages seriously. Case in point: the Baked & Boiled. This mixture of vodka, Cointreau, lemon, blood orange, black vodka, and black lava foam is served with a syringe, jack-o’-lantern-inspired orange peel, and a bloody piece of twine, for an extra-spooky effect.

The Green Giant

Clover Club, Brooklyn, NY

Green Giant cocktail

Get your greens the easy way: by adding them to a cocktail. Brooklyn’s popular Clover Club muddles dry vermouth, tarragon, snap peas, lemon juice, simple syrup, and gin, all topped with extra snap peas, for a pretty and flavorful beverage that will make your Insta followers green with envy.

White Cosmopolitan

Daniel, New York, NY

White Cosmopolitan

Is there such a thing as a cocktail that’s too elegant to drink? The white cosmopolitan at Bar Boulud certainly comes close. This combination of vodka, elderflower liqueur, white cranberry juice, balled ice, and a single orchid is truly a work of imbibable art.

Dr. House

Shake Cocktail & Wine Bar, Rovellasca, Italy

Dr. House cocktailFeeling a little under the weather? Shake Cocktail & Wine Bar has just the cure for what ails you, thanks to the Dr. House cocktail. Served in an IV bag, this combo of peach, orange, and cranberry liqueurs is just what the doctor ordered.

Everything Bageltini

Dan Magro, Los Angeles, CA

Everything Bageltini

Los Angeles-based mixologist Dan Magro isn’t afraid to surprise patrons with the unique flavors of his craft cocktails. He’s done just that with the Everything Bageltini, a mixture of aquavit, dry vermouth, olives, cream cheese dust, and everything bagel seasoning, which combine to create this savory schmearicle.

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