The toast with the most

Whoever said that man cannot live on bread alone has clearly never met a great piece of French toast. Around the world, creative chefs have transformed your average slice of bread into decadent and delicious meals that Insta-happy eaters are splashing across social media. Mixing in everything from cereal to coffee, these French toast recipes are making brunch anything but basic.

In honor of National French Toast Day (November 28th), we’ve assembled the greatest flavors of French toast from around the world. Breakfast has never looked better—just see for yourself:

Boston Creme French Toast

Trace, Austin, TX

Boston creme french toast_photo via @sweetsandsunsets

You no longer have to choose between donuts and French toast when you’re trying to satisfy that sweet tooth at brunch. At Trace in Austin, Texas, you can enjoy these two sweet dishes in one, courtesy of a pound-cake-like piece of French toast doused in chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream.

The Funky Monkey

Sweet Mama’s, Northbrook, NY

Funky Monkey French toast_photo via @sweetmamasrestaurant

Brunch doesn’t get much better than the treats served at Sweet Mama’s in Northbrook, New York. This intimate eatery is home to The Funky Monkey, a sky-high stack of French toast with layers of bananas and Nutella in between. Now this is a dish worth going bananas over.

Marshmallow Brownie French Toast

Peter Rabbit Garden Café, Tokyo, Japan

Marshmallow brownie French toast_photo via @timeislife_realq

“Bunny food” doesn’t just mean carrots anymore. At Peter Rabbit Garden Café in Tokyo, breakfast is as good a time as any to enjoy some serious sweets. If you’re in the area, make a point to stop in and order the marshmallow brownie French toast, a dessert triple-threat that you won’t be able to get enough of. Just when you thought this dish couldn’t get more decadent, you’ll discover that it even comes with an adorable little Peter Rabbit cookie on top.

I Love You Berry Matcha French Toast

Six Willows Cafe, Willeton, WA, Australia

I Love You Berry Matcha French Toast_photo via @sixwillowscafe

Green tea and berries are both superfoods on their own, so you can almost pretend you’re eating healthy when you indulge at Western Australia’s Six Willows Café. This flavorful matcha-marinated French toast is served with strawberries, lychees, matcha ganache, cookie crumbs, strawberry mousse, vanilla ice cream, and a white chocolate drizzle. It’s clear there’s just no matcha for this recipe.

Ovaltine French Toast

Loja de Cafe Nam Tin, Macau, China

Ovaltine French toast_photo via @destinyn

Indulge your chocolate craving at breakfast by digging into a plate of Ovaltine French toast from Loja de Cafe Nam Tin in Macau. Malted chocolate Ovaltine powder lines the edge of this thick-sliced French toast, while a pat of butter melts in the middle, making for a sweet-and-savory meal you’ll be eager to eat over and over again.

Fruity Pebbles French Toast with Bacon

O.H.S.O Eatery + nanoBrewery, Scottsdale, AZ

Fruity Pebbles French toast photo via @blacksmith_unfiltered

Cereal is great. French toast is great. Combining the two is virtually indescribable. Fortunately, patrons of O.H.S.O Eatery + nanoBrewery in Scottsdale can find out for themselves what kind of feelings this fruit-topped, Fruity-Pebbles-crusted French toast conjures up.

Hojicha French Toast with Taro Ice Cream

Glider Café KS, Chippendale, NSW, Australia

Hojicha French Toast with Taro Ice cream_photo via @speltwithani

French toast becomes a work of art at Glider Café KS in Chippendale, Australia. First, a slice of bread is soaked in hojicha, a form of roasted green tea, then cooked. Next, it’s dusted in flower petals, blueberries, and topped with a scoop of lavender-colored taro ice cream for a pretty pastel combo that makes for one Instagram-worthy treat.

Banana Bread Pudding French Toast

Dullboy, Jersey City, NJ

Banana Bread Pudding French Toast_photo via @cheggcellence

Bread pudding just got a boozy brunch upgrade. At Dullboy in Jersey City, the banana bread pudding French toast is topped with pecans, rum, and butterscotch for a filling brunch that’s light years ahead of any boring Benedicts.

Chocolate Chip Babka French Toast & Raspberry Coulis

Shuka, New York, NY

Chocolate Chip Babka French Toast & Rasberry Coulis_photo via @winendineapp

If you find yourself craving French toast in Manhattan, look no further than Shuka on MacDougal Street. Rich slices of chocolate babka are dipped in an egg mixture, cooked, and finished with blackberries and chocolate streusel topping, creating a breakfast that’s as decadent as any dessert.

Magic Wand French Toast

Cocoa Room, Dubai, UAE

Magic Wand French toast_photo via @nainajas

French toast is a more magical meal than ever at Cocoa Room in Dubai. Topped with chocolate sauce, raspberries, ice cream, and a puff of cotton candy, this adorable French toast is every bit as sweet as it looks.

Raisin Bread French Toast With Crème Anglaise

Water for Chocolate, Baltimore, MD

Raisin bread French toast with creme anglaise_photo via @kaylanomz

Raisin bread gets an indulgent makeover at Water for Chocolate in Baltimore. This Maryland eatery turns raisin bread into beautiful French toast topped with kiwi, strawberries, powdered sugar, and a light drizzle of custardy crème anglaise.

Dragon Fruit and Churro French Toast

Barrio, Chicago, IL

Dragonfruit and Churro French Toast_photo via @bestfoodalex

Windy City Mexican eatery Barrio has turned French toast into high-fashion fare. Churro French toast is topped with grilled pineapple, dragon fruit, and horchata whipped cream for a rich meal that will leave you wanting more.

Affogato French Toast

Dig Me Out Art & Diner, Osaka, Japan

Affogato French toast_photo via @digme_out

Italian and French influences converge in one out-of-this-world breakfast at Dig Me Out. The affogato French toast adds this traditional Italian coffee-and-ice-cream dessert to a plate of thick-sliced French toast, with some crumbled chocolate cookies on top for good measure. How do you say “yum” in Italian?

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