You donut want to miss these

You donut want to miss these

Move over, cupcakes. Donuts have solidified their spot as the country’s hottest sweet treat. Bakeries across the nation are going beyond the standard glazed or simply sprinkled, and putting their creative stamp on the beloved confections. And ’grammars can’t get enough.

To celebrate the beloved baked good in all its doughy glory, the Foodgōd team rounded up 20 of America’s most unique and over-the-top donut flavors. You’ll want to take a bite out of these:

Rock Candy

Birdie’s, Los Angeles, CA

Rock Candy Donut_photo via @goodfoodla_

Childhood fantasies come full circle at Birdie’s in DTLA. Their oh-so-pretty blueberry lemon creation is topped with an old-school rock candy stick—and it’s totally worth the sugar coma.


Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, Richardson, TX

Galaxy donut_photo via @sweetdazetx

Galaxy donuts have been all the rage with both sweets shops and home bakers, but this version from Sweet Daze is out of this world. The beautiful deep blue and purple glaze swirls, coupled with sparkling glitter and edible star accents, makes for one incredibly Insta-friendly treat.

The Dead Elvis

Psycho Donuts, Multiple CA locations

The Dead Elvis donut_photo via Psycho Donuts Facebook

We’re all familiar with the King’s beloved flavor combo, but we’re all shook up over this killer version from Psycho Donuts: The Dead Elvis. Filled with custard and topped with bananas, peanut butter & jelly, and bacon, this gourmet savory-sweet-sticky bomb is legendary.


Dough Me A Flavor, Wantagh, NY

Cannoli donut_photo via @doughmeaflavor

On your way out to the Hamptons, stop by this Wantagh, NY-based desserts shop (with the cutest name!) for your cannoli and donut fix—in one. This cream-filled donut is topped with the famous Italian pastry, which is studded with chocolate chips and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. And we cannoli imagine how delicious it is.


The Doughnut Project, New York, NY

Prosecco donut_photo via @chromatic.caroline

Prosecco and doughnuts are quite a dynamic—and delicious—duo. That’s why a prosecco doughnut makes so much sense. NYC’s The Doughnut Project teamed up with Ruffino Prosecco to create this bubbles-infused treat to celebrate National Prosecco Day in August. However, the demand for the pretty glazed pastry, which is embellished with fancy sprinkles, hasn’t slowed down since then—and now it’s a regular offering.

The Hot Fuzz

Five-O Donut Company, Sarasota, FL

The Hot Fuzz donut_photo via @poweredbyicecream

Hole-y hotness! Sarasota’s Five-O Donut Company is spicing up their menu in a big, bold way. The Hot Fuzz, a yeast-raised donut made with Frank’s Red Hot glaze and covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust, is straight fire.

Maple Bacon

Duck Donuts, Multiple locations

Duck Donuts_photo via @breakfastwithnick

East Coast staple Duck Donuts brings the comfort of warm, freshly-made donuts to another level. Covered with maple icing and pieces of crispy bacon on top, this tasty tribute to everyone’s favorite breakfast food is a tried-and-true favorite. We’ll take a dozen, thanks.

Italian rainbow cookie

Glaze Donuts, Multiple NJ Locations

Italian rainbow cookie donut_photo via @thehungryturk

Inspired by a traditional Italian rainbow cookie, this jelly-filled, chocolate-covered delight is taking the Garden State by storm. The Glaze Donuts crew makes 1,000 of the multi-colored delicacy at each store every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they sell out lightening fast—so arrive early to snag yourself one.

Fried Chicken

Mike’s Donuts & Chicken, Kenosha, WI

Fried Chicken donut_photo via @topchicagoeats

Since fried chicken and waffles works so well, why not pair crispy bird with a sweet donut? Clearly Mike’s Donuts & Chicken knows what’s up. These savory fried chicken legs resting atop handmade glazed donuts are a #winnerwinner.

Cookie Dough

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, Costa Mesa & Santa Monica, CA

Cookie Dough donut_photo via @sidecardoughnuts

Tapping into the edible cookie dough craze, Sidecar Doughnuts tops a freshly-made chocolate chip cake doughnut that’s coated with vanilla bean glaze with a big ol’ scoop of housemade chocolate chip cookie dough. And we’re all about it.


Glazed and Confuzed, Denver, CO

Samoa donuts_photo via @foodnom

Not confuzed about how awesome this is. This Denver shop’s caramel glazed donut finished with toasted coconut and a rich chocolate drizzle is the best riff on a classic Girl Scout cookie that we’ve ever seen.


The Doughnut Project, New York, NY

Everything donut_photo via @thisgirlcaneat

This doughnut is everything. Not being dramatic, just talking about the sweet-savory-salty treat at NYC’s famed West Village shop. Inspired by a classic New York-style everything bagel, this handcrafted yeast doughnut is covered with light cream cheese glaze, toasted poppy seeds, black and white sesame seeds, pepitas, and hint of garlic and sea salt.

24-Karat Gold

Manila Social Club, Brooklyn, NY

24Karat Gold Cristal donut_photo via @ediblegoldcreation

The gold standard in over-the-top doughnuts hails from Brooklyn’s Manila Social Club. Their flashy treat is house-made from ube (a naturally purple sweet yam) mousse and Cristal Champagne jelly, coated in Cristal-infused icing, and gilded with shiny 24-karat gold leaf. It may set you back $100, but Foodgōd is a big-time fan—and thinks this decadent doughnut is worth the dough.

Black Licorice

Dun-Well Doughnuts, Brooklyn, NY

Black Licorice donut_photo via @dunwelldoughnuts

This East Williamsburg doughnut shop serves a rotating list of 200 mouthwatering varieties that happen to be vegan. And they created a flavor that stars one of the world’s most controversial candies: black licorice. It may not be for everyone, but black licorice fans should definitely give it a go.

Thai Peanut

Grindstone Coffee & Donuts, Sag Harbor, NY

Pad Thai donut_photo via @grindstonecoffee

The owner of this Sag Harbor shop turned his serious Pad Thai addiction into a tempting treat. This takeout-inspired brioche donut is coated with sweet peanut glaze and a flavorful blend of toasted coconut, peanuts, chili powder, ground ginger, maple sugar, fresh Thai basil, and lime zest.


Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Or

Bubblegum donut_photo via @voodoodoughnut

Voodoo Doughnut has gained quite a cult following—and for good reason. The Portland-based shop is known for its unusual doughnuts (that are addictively delicious), eclectic decor, and quirky voodoo artwork. This bubble gum flavor features a raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting, bubble gum dust, and piece of Double Bubble bubble gum that will bring you back to childhood.

Boss Hog

Gourdough’s, Austin, TX

Boss Hog donut_photo via @gourdoughspublichouse

Gourdough‘s has so many wild and crazy gourmet doughnuts on their menu, but we’re hog wild over this one. The Boss Hog smothers a doughnut with a heap of pulled pork, creamy potato salad, and tangy honey BBQ sauce—basically an entire BBQ meal and dessert in one.


California Donuts, Los Angeles, CA

Unicorn donuts_photo via @californiadonuts

This retro-style Cali bakery churns out plenty of inventive flavors—like Matcha Green Tea, Blueberry Toast Crunch, Apple Fritter, and Panda—but this unicorn donut stopped us in our tracks. The mythical creature, in all its sweet glory and complete with a shiny golden horn, is (not surprisingly) a best seller. Cuteness overload.

Crème Brûlée

Astro Doughnuts, Washington, DC

Creme Brulee donut_photo via @astrodoughnuts_credit_Scott Suchman

This Dupont Circle go-to serves a spin off of the classic French dessert that’s uniquely square-shaped. This magical crème brûlée confection is filled with rich vanilla custard and topped with a sweet and crackly brûléed glaze.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

B Sweet Dessert Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Ice cream sandwich donut_photo via @eatwithadrian

Hot on the outside, cool on the inside, B Sweet’s “Halo” pressed doughnut ice cream sandwiches are downright divine. Only downfall? Having to choose from the six tasty flavors including mint chip, chocolate malted crunch, and ube.

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