Fine French pastries gone wild

Fine French pastries gone wild

Flaky, buttery, and oh-so indulgent. Who doesn’t love a well-made croissant?

While gloriously perfect in its original form, the French breakfast staple has become the latest craze in the pastry world. Ingenious bakers from around the globe are amping up the delicate, crescent-shaped delight with extravagant colors, flavors, and fillings.

In honor of National Croissant Day (January 30th), we rounded up 16 of the world’s most decadently delicious and wildly creative croissants. Add some ooh la la to your morning with these mouthwatering masterpieces:

Pretzel Croissant

City Bakery, New York City

Pretzel croissant_photo via @citybakerydaily

Pretzels are a New York City staple, so it only makes sense that City Bakery would incorporate the iconic street food into their tasty croissant lineup. Slightly salty and covered with sesame seeds, this mighty mashup is a must-try for pastry lovers.

Ube Croissant

Baker Doe, San Francisco

Ube croissant_photo via @enter_the_cafe

The Bay Area’s Baker Doe focuses on small-batch production and classic French techniques. The best part? They deliver to your door. Since the ube trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, order one (or a dozen) of these vibrant purple treats, which are as scrumptious as they are easy on the eyes.

Banana Split Sundae Croissant

Supermoon Bakehouse, New York City

Banana Split Sundae croissant_photo via @supermoonbakehouse

The Lower East Side’s buzzy newcomer has quickly gained notoriety for its anything-but-ordinary croissants and hybrid pastry offerings. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but this flavor is legit bananas: a twice-baked croissant stuffed with caramelized sous vide bananas, crème pâtissière, and chocolate almond creme, topped with chocolate fudge, banana caramel sauce, more bananas, torched meringue, and edible gold leaf. Wowzers.

Birthday Cake Croissant

Union Fare, New York City

Birthday cake croissant_photo via @unionfare @asiacol

Everyday is a (pastry) party with Union Fare’s birthday cake croissant. Featuring funfetti-like bits baked into the dough, a dusting of crushed rainbow sprinkles atop, and airy, color-flecked custard inside, this irresistible flavor is a childhood dream-come-true—and one of the most buzzed about baked goods on social media for good reason.

Salmon Squid Croissant

Épicerie Boulud, New York City

Salmon Squid croissant_photo via @epicerieboulud

Chef Daniel Boulud’s all-day café and market (with three locations in Manhattan) serves this striking croissan-wich, which layers herbed cream cheese and lox inside a deep black pastry colored with squid ink. Oui oui!

Rainbow Croissant

Hotel Café Royal, London

Rainbow croissant_photo via @rouladeandrose

London’s Hotel Café Royal is one of the OG leaders of the croissant craze. While all of the five-star hotel’s glamorous, vividly-colored creations are stunners, it’s their signature rainbow variety (filled with amarena cherry jam) that’s credited with changing the pastry game. Gorgeous and delicious? We’ll take all of them, thanks.

Chocolate Almond Croissant

Le District, New York City

Chocolate almond croissant_photo via @thisgirlcaneat

Inside NYC’s upscale French food hall, Le District, you’ll find a café patisserie counter serving up the best selection of freshly-made delights. This superbly buttery, extra flaky chocolate almond croissant topped with almond slivers and a dusting of powdered sugar is standout.

Matcha Croissant

Top Impression Bakery Cafe, Sydney, AUS

Matcha croissant_photo via @topimpressionbakerycafe

Matcha is becoming more mainstream, and even pastry shops down under are getting innovative with the Japanese green tea. With its eye-catching light green color and velvety matcha cream filling, this popular menu item sells out very quickly—arrive early to snag one!

Spinach Pie Croissant

Supermoon Bakehouse, New York City

Spinach pie croissant_photo via @supermoonbakehouse

Supermoon Bakehouse’s range of specialty offerings also dips into the savory side. Their brand new flavor—a twice-baked croissant with spinach, broccoli rabe, onion, spicy chili, béchamel, and cheddar cheese—channels spinach pie and packs some heat.

Sushi Croissant

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Los Angeles & San Francisco

Sushi croissant_photo via @hypebeast

Sushi inside a croissant? This previously-unheard-of sushi-stuffed pastry, from the creative minds at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, is filled with a smoked salmon roll, wasabi, and ginger. The inventive mashup, named “California croissant” in honor of the popular sushi roll, may not be suited for every palate, but it’s a sure-fire hit on Instagram.

Red Velvet Cake Croissant

Union Fare, New York City

Red velvet croissant_photo via @thisgirlcaneat

NYC’s popular gastrohall and bakery produces a gloriously decadent pastry mashing up all the buttery goodness of a croissant with the rich cocoa flavor of red velvet cake. This deeply-colored crimson confection is topped with cake crumbles and filled with cream cheese custard.

Charcoal Black Sesame Croissant

Big Grains, Hong Kong

Black sesame croissant_photo via @munchie__crunchie

This artisanal bakery in Hong Kong uses all-natural ingredients and classic techniques for their fancy baked goods. It takes three days to perfect the croissant dough, which is turned into beautifully flaky masterpieces like this charcoal sesame variety filled with mildly sweet black sesame custard.

Everything Croissant

Daily Provisions, New York City

Everything croissants_photo via @thisgirlcaneat

Danny Meyer’s casual cafe in Gramercy serves a tempting array of freshly-baked goods—from breads and breakfast pastries to made-to-order sandwiches. Adding French flair to a New York classic, this buttery, flaky croissant is generously coated with savory everything seasoning and filled with cream cheese. Très délicieux!

Blueberry Pie Croissant

Coffylosophy, Adelaide, AUS

Blueberry pie croissant_photo via @sugarmanpatisserie

This boutique coffee shop in South Australia churns out gourmet delights and limited-time specialty flavors like this blueberry pie-inspired twice baked croissant with whole berries, vanilla bean Chantilly cream, and crunchy pie crumble.

Baklava Croissant

Gjusta, Los Angeles

Baklava croissant_photo via @natasha.feldman

Acclaimed Venice bakeshop, Gjusta, fuses their French pastry with the famed Greek dessert, baklava. This flavorful hybrid features honey and crushed pistachio nestled between buttery, flaky layers of croissant.

Smoked Paprika Cheddar Croissant

Crumble & Flake, Seattle

Paprika cheddar croissant_photo via @crumbleandflake

This Seattle shop is known for small-batch baked goods and some of the country’s best croissants. Crispy, bubbly cheddar cheese and the lingering punch of Spanish smoked paprika make this savory stunner deeply satisfying. No wonder it continues to rack up rave reviews.

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