Unleash Your Inner Cookie Monster

Unleash Your Inner Cookie Monster

We’ve eaten our way through plenty of insane desserts, but sometimes we just want the delicious comfort that only a classic chocolate chip cookie can bring. Nothing beats biting into doughy, chocolatey perfection. And even though it’s a tried-and-true standby, bakers are taking the iconic American treat to crave-worthy new heights.

From thin and crispy to ooey-gooey and chewy, here are 10 of the country’s best chocolate chip cookies and what makes them unforgettable.


Chicago, IL

If you’re in the mood for a cookie the size of your face, feast your eyes on this bad boy. Weighing in at six solid ounces, these melty, chocolatey treats are perfectly crispy on the outside and supremely soft and chewy in the middle. You can pick up Big.Fat.Cookies at cafes and markets across the Windy City, or have ’em shipped directly to you.

Willa Jean

New Orleans, LA

Willa Jean cookie_photo via @food_slores

Though beignets may be the most talked about dessert in NOLA, the Cookies & Milk at Willa Jean should not be missed. Acclaimed pastry chef Kelly Fields serves perfectly chewy cookies studded with Valrhona chocolate chunks along with a scoop of edible cookie dough and a glass of cold, Tahitian vanilla-infused milk. Dunking encouraged.

Levain Bakery

New York, NY

Levain Bakery cookie_photo via @laraseesfood

The chocolate chip and walnut cookies at Levain Bakery are one of the few NYC desserts that truly lives up to the hype—they’re practically life changing. The bakery’s founders created the massive six-ounce cookie bombs on a mission to make the best cookies in the world, and we think they’ve come pretty darn close.

Anthony’s Cookies

San Francisco, CA

Anthony's Cookies_photo via @anthonyscookies

Anthony’s uses semi-sweet chocolate chips in cookies that are the ideal balance of crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. They offer a gluten-free variety as well, so there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to get a glass of cream-top milk!

Clear Flour Bread

Boston, MA

Clear Flour Bread cookie_photo via @dontexpectsalads

Come for the French-style bread, stay for the phenomenal chocolate chunk cookies. This popular Brookline bakery uses a generous amount of Scharffen Berger artisan bittersweet chocolate, and freezes the dough before baking—resulting in a center that’s always thick, chewy, and moist.

Culture Espresso

New York, NY

Culture Espresso cookies_photo via @galslovecals

In addition to serving up some of the Big Apple’s best coffee drinks, Culture Espresso has a cult following for its signature, freshly-baked cookies. They’re equal parts soft and crispy while being jam-packed with chocolaty chunks. And we can’t get enough.

DeLuscious Cookies & Milk

Los Angeles, CA

DeLuscious Cookies & Milk_photo via @delusciouscookies

This Hollywood bakery puts out plenty of exotic cookies, like cinnamon brulee and chocolate white toffee chocolate, but their original chocolate chip garners lots of rave reviews. These cookies are on the thinner side, but big on flavor and substantial in size. DeLuscious is right.

T-Rex Cookie

Minneapolis, MN

TRex Cookies_photo via @fransisjh2

This cozy dinosaur-themed cafe freshly makes wildly massive cookies in an insane amount of tempting flavors. Their far-from-basic chocolate chip is downright delicious, but the upgraded version with sea salt and caramel will blow you away. Bonus: T-Rex Cookie delivers nationwide.

Hello Robin Cookies

Seattle, WA

Hello Robin cookies_photo via @tinyhandtasters

Chocolate chip is the top seller at this quaint bakery that serves “Seattle’s best cookies.” Hello Robin’s doughy classics are perfectly satisfying on their own, or you can order ’em doubled up with Seattle-favorite Molly Moon ice cream sandwiched in between.

Uncle Chip’s Cookies

Washington, DC

Uncle Chip's Cookies_photo via @unclechipscookies

Uncle Chip’s website says “sometimes, you just need a cookie!” And we couldn’t agree more. If you’re in our nation’s capital, don’t miss popping by for a signature chocolate chip cookie—available in four sizes. Uncle Chip allegedly has a secret ingredient that keeps these treats so perfectly gooey and makes them truly one-of-a-kind.

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