In pizza we crust

The closest thing we have to a global language is food, and the most popular dialect in our lingua franca is, undoubtedly, pizza. In the United States alone, 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second of every day, and that number gets exponentially larger on a global scale. While the most popular toppings may vary from Kansas City to Karachi, one thing’s for certain: bigger is always better when it comes to pizza slices.

If you’ve got a major pizza craving, feast your eyes on these oversized slices from around the world:

Pizza Barn

Yonkers, NY

Pizza Barn slice

New York pizza doesn’t get much bigger than the slices served at Pizza Barn in Yonkers. This pizzeria’s Super Slices measure over two feet long, so big that you’d be hard-pressed to fit more than two on a table.

Lazy Moon Pizza

Orlando, FL

Lazy Moon Pizza

If you find yourself hungry in Orlando, make sure to hit up Lazy Moon Pizza. Not only are the slices here the size of a small car, they also come topped with everything from dill pickle slices to tempeh to a signature sauce simply dubbed “Jason’s Mom.”


Milan, Italy

Spontini Milan

While Italian pizza tends to be a more delicate meal than the massive slices we serve stateside, that’s anything but the case at Spontini in Milan. Since this restaurant opened its doors in 1953, it’s been serving up some of Italy’s most massively-mangiable slices.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

London, UK

Mulberry Street Pizza London

The slices at Mulberry Street Pizza in London have been voted the best pizza in the Southeastern U.K. by The Times, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to their wealth of toppings, from porcini mushrooms to pepperoni, the slices here are so large you can use them as umbrellas on a rainy London day.

Nu Yalk Pizza

Reno, NV

Nu Yalk Pizza Reno Nevada

Reno may call itself “The Biggest Little City in the World,” but there’s nothing small about the pizza you’ll get at the city’s Nu Yalk Pizza. Bring your appetite (and an outfit with a lot of spandex in it) before you attempt to eat one of these oversized slices.

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Camden, NJ

Lorenzo and Sons

Philly may be known for its cheesesteaks, but its pizza slices are pretty hard to top, as well. At Lorenzo and Sons, you can get one of the biggest slices of pizza in America, a massive wedge of pie that barely fits across two full-sized plates.

Pin-Up Pizza

Las Vegas, NV

It’s clear why this Las Vegas pizza joint is called Pin-Up: their slices sure are beauties. Boasting the largest slices on the Strip, a trip to Pin-Up Pizza will have you feeling like you hit the jackpot every single time.

Luigi’s at the Beach

San Diego, CA

Luigi's at the Beach

With slices as big as they come at this San Diego eatery, we don’t want to go anywhere near the beach after eating one of these bad boys.

Paisano’s SoHo

Hong Kong

Paisano's SoHo Hong Kong

While the pies are made in Hong Kong, Paisano’s SoHo does a great job approximating the school bus-sized slices you’d get in New York. If you find yourself in Hong Kong, enjoy a slice of Hawaiian, bacon cheeseburger, or deep dish fudge brownie pizza from this classic pizza joint.

BroadWay Pizza

Karachi, Pakistan

BroadWay Pizza_photo via BroadWay Pizza

This Karachi pizza joint makes some of the most wildly oversized slices you’ll find anywhere in the world (a whopping 40 inches)—each given a creative name like the Chicago Bold Fold, the Godspell Beef Load, and the Tarzan Tikka.

Talarico’s Pizzeria

Seattle, WA

Talaricos Pizza Seattle WA

Starbucks and grunge are hardly Seattle’s only claims to fame. The city is also home to some of the most massively-proportioned pizza slices in the U.S., thanks to Talarico’s Pizzeria.

The Milwaukee Delicatessen Company

Kansas City, MO

The Milwaukee Delicatessen Company

Although this restaurant’s name may not scream “pizza,” make no mistake: The Milwaukee Delicatessen Company boasts some of the biggest slices you’ll find anywhere. And while these SUV-sized slices may come the heartland, they’re certainly not for the faint of heart.

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